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Trap Singles and Doubles League Rules

Trap Singles and Doubles League Rules

Duration:  Every Tuesday for 13 weeks to be bumped out for full cancellations.

Time:  4:30 pm or as soon as enough participants are present.

Fees:  One time trophy fee of $5.00, plus each round of singles is $4.00 for members and $5.00 for non-members.  Each round of doubles is $8.00 for members and $10.00 for non-members.  Trophies for raw score and points based on number of competitors.  Shooters must be present to sign up and must pay when they sign up.

General Rules:  All A.T.A. rules will apply.  Only the scorer and puller will determine hits or lost birds.  All decisions of the trap chairman are final.

Specific Rules:  The first 3 weeks will be for escrow only.  The following 10 weeks for score.  Only the trap chairman or his designee will decide a cancellation for any reason such as weather or mechanical problems.  If there is a cancellation during the match, complete rounds shot will be discarded unless shooting resumes after a delay that same evening.  All rounds NOT declared prior to shooting as NOT FOR SCORE or ESCROW will count that evening.

Escrow Scores:  Six escrow scores must be shot prior to the league competition.  Escrow scores will be used to determine evening match-ups.  Escrow scores my only be shot on Tuesday evenings.

Weekly Competition:  Each competitor will shoot 2 rounds from the 16 yard line.  Shooters will be arranged in pairs by bird average from high to low.  #1 competes with #2, #3 with #4, etc. for points.  If there are an odd number of shooters, the last man will compete against his own average.  If there is a gap between two competitors of more than 1.5 birds, the lower person will be handicapped up to 1.5 birds of the higher man.  Handicap birds do not count towards raw bird  score.  Averages will be computed by considering the previous 2 weeks scores.

Accumulating Points:  A 3 point system will be used to accumulate points.  One point will be awarded for the match winner in each of the two rounds shot in order.  An additional point will be awarded based on the total birds of the two rounds together.  Any ties will result in 1/2 point for each shooter.  Maximum points possible per shooter is three per week.

Doubles:  After singles are complete, doubles run for 10 weeks for raw score only.

Miscellaneous:  Casual shooters are welcome to shoot.  Open to all club members, guests and the public.  ALL SHOOTERS ARE EXPECTED TO HELP PULLING, SCORING, LOADING BIRDS, ETC.  Club members will get  1/2 hour per round worked.

Ray Roccisano, Trap Chairman


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