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Person Downrange Safety Strobe

Person Downrange Safety Strobe

It is a requirement that everyone use these strobes.

Please watch the short video below so that you will be familiar with their proper use.

The Complete Process for Proper Use of the Range Safety Strobes


Safety strobe use is required regardless of how many shooters/spectators are present.  Strobes will be utilized even if the shooter is alone in the building.


Whenever the range is in use and anyone desires to go downrange into the target area, the person acting as Range Safety Officer will announce a “Cease Fire”. All shooters on the line will immediately comply.  If at all possible, this will be done when it is convenient for everyone present.  The person acting as Range Safety Officer will, after declaring the range “Cold”, allow whatever time is necessary for every shooter to make their firearms safe.  Any shooter on the line will, as soon as possible after the cease fire has been declared, render all firearms safe and step away from the bench behind the safety line.  All firearms will then be inspected to establish that they remain pointed downrange, actions are open, magazines removed and a chamber empty safety device has been installed.  Safety devices may include but are not limited to the provided safety line.

Any person intending to pass through the firing point door will activate the switch on the safety strobe numbered and assigned to the specific firing point that they occupy.  While the strobes are on, there will be absolutely no handling of any firearms, ammunition or magazines/speedloaders.  When any one strobe is switched on, the yellow strobe for that firing point and only that firing point will begin to flash.  At the same time all six red strobes will also begin to flash.  If someone else activates the strobe on a different box, that yellow strobe will begin to flash also but since the red strobes are already flashing, no other indication will be given.  People from the firing points that have activated their strobes may now cross the firing line and proceed downrange into the target area.

At such time as everyone from a specific firing point has returned to the building, the strobe for that specific firing point may be extinguished.  If no other yellow strobe is currently flashing, the red strobes will go out .  If one or more of the remaining yellow strobes are still flashing, indicating that people are still downrange, the yellow strobe for that firing point will go out but the red strobes will continue to flash.  The red strobes will continue to flash until all switches on all strobe boxes have been turned off.  At this time everyone participating should visually check downrange and verify that everyone has returned to the building and is now behind the firing line.  Only then may the person acting as Range Officer declare the range “Hot”.

These safety strobes are only an indication that there may possibly be someone downrange.  It is still imperative that every shooter take responsibility for checking and verifying that the range is clear before handling any firearms, ammunition or magazines.  Whenever there are two or more shooters in the building, one should take on the role of Range Safety Officer and be responsible for checking the safety of everyone present.



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