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Members of the Walden Sportsmen’s Club may register to gain access to the private portions of this website.


To register, please send an email to:  jmeineker@hvc.rr.com    put the following in the subject field of the email:  Walden Sportsmen’s Club Website Registration


You must include ALL of the following information:

Username:   (must be a unique name that cannot be changed once registered)

First Name:

Last Name:

Nickname:  (can be the same as the Username if desired)

Display name publicly:  (can also be the same as the Username if desired)

Email Address:   (must be a valid, working email)

You can send a small picture to be used as your profile picture.

Street Address 1:

Street Address 2:  (if necessary)




Day Phone:

Terms of Service:  Continued access to this website is contingent on keeping your membership current.




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