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Club Policy on Tree Stands

Club Policy on Tree Stands


Policy adopted July 2006.

1.  No new permanent stands are to be erected.  Old permanent stands may remain as long as safe but cannot be rebuilt or maintained.

2.  No permanent markings are to be made on trees such as hatchet marks or paint.  Surveyors tape may be used for distance markers.  A small pile of stones will work and isn’t noticed by animals or humans.  (3 stones = 30 yards)

3.  The name of the stand owner must be on the stand.  If there is no name, we assume it is a trespasser and the stand will be removed and/or destroyed.

4.  Portable stands cannot be placed in the woods until after the August club meeting and must be removed by December 31 each year.

5.  Stands belong to the member, not the club.  Each member will assume responsibility for his own safety in using a stand and will not hold the club liable if he/she is injured using the stand.

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