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Buildings and Grounds General Information

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Winter is upon us and snow shoveling after storms and blowing snow is much appreciated.  Snow blower is in the shed.  Please call Charlie for shed combo to access the snow blower.  Shovel is in club house.  Please only use Calcium Chloride on the concrete.  Sand/Salt mix is ONLY for icy spots on the driveway.  Please do all entrances to the building.


Charlie has installed barrels with sand at several strategic locations.  If you find the driveway or sidewalks icy, please spread some sand on those spots to prevent someone from slipping and getting hurt.

We have periodic clean up days, which are great opportunities to take care of work hours. If you feel like you have more to offer please contact any member of the Board of Directors or any Club Officer.  


Committee Chairman:   Charlie Whitehouse 



You can reach Charlie at:   845-542-9914    cwtoolnut@gmail.com





  If you have any time, please call Charlie at 845-542-9914.  He will give you the code to the lock on the shed and make sure you get credit for your work hours.

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