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 Walden Sportsmen’s Club will schedule dates in 2018 for the Orange County Pistol Permit Course soon.

(This is NOT an Approved NRA Course)

The Orange County course completion certificate is the ONLY proof of training that the Orange County Sheriff’s Office is guaranteed to accept for the purpose of applying for a pistol permit.


There are several NRA certified instructors among our club members.

Advanced NRA pistol courses are available on request as well as basic rifle and shotgun classes.  

Also available is the NRA Range Safety Officer (RSO) course.

Available for those who are interested in reloading is the NRA Metallic Cartridge Reloading course.

We can also provide individualized training to meet your needs and skill level along with personal training on the range.

 Contact Jim Meineker:    jmeineker@hvc.rr.com