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Pistol Safety Course


Requirements for Orange County Residents Applying for a Pistol Permit

Please read this entire page carefully

Effective 1/1/2015

The only course certificate that Orange County is guaranteed

to accept is the 3 Hour Course developed by the Sheriff’s Office.

It must be taught by an instructor certified by the Orange County Sheriff.

If you are applying for your New York State Permit from another county,  

YOU must check with the licensing authority in your county to confirm that this course certificate will be accepted.  

New York State law prohibits anyone without a permit from handling a pistol.  Therefore this course does NOT include a shooting component.  

If your county will not accept this certificate or if you are applying for a non-resident permit from another state that requires a shooting component, we will be offering the NRA Basic Pistol Course at a later date.

You may only take that course only after receiving your New York State permit.

Orange County Handgun Safety Course, This is NOT an NRA Accredited Course

Conducted by: 

James Meineker,  

Orange County Sheriff’s Office Certified Instructor

N.R.A. Certified Instructor in the following disciplines:  Home Firearm Safety, Range Safety Officer, Basic Pistol, Basic Rifle, Basic Shotgun,

Personal Protection Inside the Home, Personal Protection Outside the Home, Advanced Defensive Pistol, Metallic Cartridge Reloading and Refuse to be a Victim.



Assisted by:

Ray Roccisano,

N.R.A. Certified Instructor in the following disciplines:  Home Firearm Safety, Basic Pistol.

To be Held:

2018 Dates to be announced soon.


Instruction starts at 9 A.M. Please arrive at least 15 minutes early to sign in.


Location: Walden Sportsmen’s Club, 1823 Route 52, Walden, NY

Directions to the Club: Click Here.


The class normally is approximately 3 hours including a break plus time for questions.  We should be finished with the Orange County requisite course about noon.  


$40 check or money order 

Do not mail cash. The fee covers course material and refreshments. Preference will be given to the members and families of Walden Sportsmen’s Club. Class size is limited to 32 maximum. Do not hesitate as the class fills up quickly. To GUARANTEE a seat, you must send the appropriate fee to:

James Meineker

7 Oak Lane

Campbell Hall, NY     10916

First come, first served.

Please make the check payable to James Meineker.

NOTE: Since materials must be ordered and paid for ahead of time, there will be NO REFUNDS.

IMPORTANT!!! When you mail the fee, please give your full name, age, county, phone number, AND email address. 


I will use your email address to confirm your reservation and that I have received your check. Please make sure your email program is set to accept mail from me. If you do not show up, you forfeit your fee as I must order materials early and can only accept a limited number of students. A cancellation means you prevented someone else from getting into the class. 

The Course: 

This is the Orange County Handgun Safety Course. This is the only course and certificate guaranteed to be accepted by Orange County Sheriff’s Department.  It is intended for the novice and due to New York state law, students may not handle or fire handguns unless they already possess a license. Topics include safe handling, carrying and storage, nomenclature, action types, ammunition, article 35 information regarding use of deadly force and cleaning. 


To provide beginning shooters with an introduction to the knowledge, skills, and attitude necessary to own and use handguns safely.  It is highly advisable to have your spouse or another family member also take the class and get their license.  


Upon successful completion of the course, each student will be issued an Orange County official certificate which may be used as proof of training in applying for a pistol permit in Orange County. If you live in another county, PLEASE CHECK WITH THAT COUNTY’S PISTOL PERMIT OFFICER to see if the course will be accepted or is necessary. See below regarding the need to take the NRA course and receive an NRA certificate along with the Orange County certificate.

Related Topics: 

Beyond basic handgun safety, certain related topics will be briefly covered, including: what a permit is, the application process, your rights and responsibilities, selecting a suitable handgun, handgun terminology, traveling with a handgun, use of deadly force. 


What to Bring:

Pen or pencil, notepad or notebook and driver’s license.

If you intend to apply for a non-resident license in another state, check to see what courses they will accept. Many accept an NRA course from anywhere but this course is NOT an NRA course and may not be accepted. We strongly advise taking the NRA course.   New York State law does not allow anyone without a permit to handle a handgun.    If you plan on applying for a non-resident permit from a state that will not accept this course as fulfilling the requirement for their process, we also offer the NRA Basic Pistol Course which should be accepted.  Students may take this course ONLY after successfully acquiring their NYS permit.  Dates will be announced as the need arises.  The fee for that course is $60.


Since the instructor is not a lawyer, all legal information is offered for general information only and the student should verify the correctness of the information with his own attorney before acting on it. It should be remembered that laws are constantly changing and subject to interpretation by law enforcement and legal authorities. Therefore, the instructors assume no liability for any information given. 

Once you have your pistol permit, training is imperative.  Advanced NRA courses are available upon request.

Questions?:  E-mail me jmeineker@hvc.rr.com