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Pistol Safety Course

New York State Pistol Permits

Walden Sportsmen’s Club no longer offers the course necessary for Orange County residents to apply for a NYS pistol permit.  We had to discontinue it due to declining interest, enrollment and because there are several instructors in the area including the Orange County Sheriff’s Office that offer the course.  A list of approved instructors is posted on the Orange County website.


Currently, Ulster County and Sullivan County are also accepting the Orange County Course in satisfaction of the requirement to complete a safety course as part of the application process.  However, since this course is taken prior to receiving a permit and since in NY a person is not allowed to handle or fire a handgun without a permit, this course does NOT involve any shooting.  Many of the judges are now only issuing permits with restrictions until the applicant takes and passes a course that does involve actual firing a handgun at a range given by an approved instructor.  The NRA Basic Shooting Pistol Course satisfies this requirement and when submitted to the applicant’s particular judge, the judge will usually lift the restrictions.


Forms to apply for a permit in Orange County may be downloaded at:     https://www.orangecountygov.com/1011/Pistol-Permit-Unit

For more information, please contact:    Jim Meineker       jmeineker@hvc.rr.com