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Walden Sportsmen’s Club News

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Game Dinner 2017

The game dinner hosted at the club by a very hard working committee headed up by Charlie Whitehouse was an even bigger success than last year which was the inaugural event.  This year we had 49 people sign up and nearly all attended.  Needless to say that the clubhouse was packed.  We were extremely fortunate once again to have much warmer and milder weather than the season norms.  We had two firepits just the same.  Popcorn was roasted and games were played.  Certainly NO ONE left hungry.  The food prepared by many sportsmen and women and others who are not hunters was exemplary.  Thank you one and all for your hard work and dedication and to all the attendees.  Steve Bardin was there and took many pictures.  As soon as he sends them to me, I will post them here.



Jim Meineker



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Range Safety Line Installed

Thanks to the diligent efforts of our Range Safety Officer and the Range Committee, our range building has a new safety feature.  The line as seen in the picture clearly indicates the safe zone where shooters must stand whenever someone has gone downrange.  The use of this visual aid is designed to prevent accidental handling of firearms or ammunition whenever the range is cold for shooters to hang targets or otherwise go downrange.  It will make administration much easier for RSO’s that are monitoring safety especially during range events.


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Game Night Dinner – Smashing Success!

Thanks to the efforts of many club members who served on the committee to organize and present and led by chairman, Charlie Whitehouse, the event held last night was a smashing success. Other members of the committee included Bill Mayhew and his wife Carolyn, Jane Harrington, Tom (James) Hubbard, Ginny Esposito and Jim Meineker.  The wide range of wild game dishes prepared by master chefs all were appetizing and delicious.  We were very fortunate to have a perfectly beautiful evening with temperatures in the 50’s and 60’s.  We had a campfire, roasted marshmallows and made smores.  Pictures will be available here as soon as I can get them from several people that acted as photographers.  Many, many thanks to all the members that shared their hunting success and we will be looking forward to the next dinner.  Likewise, many thanks to all the people that helped set up and especially clean up afterwards.  If you missed it, make sure you sign up early next time.  We are planning some other like events for this year such as a pig roast and a picnic.  Stay tuned for more details.


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New Safety Device at the Range

Live Ammunition Disposal Can


The can you see pictured has been placed for use in the range house specifically for the disposal of LIVE ammunition only.  If you have a misfire or if you have unwanted live ammunition you may drop it into this can and it will be properly disposed of by range personnel.  No longer do you have to take it home and dispose of it yourself.  If you have large rifle rounds, you may have to unscrew the silver “T” at the top to get them in.  Please just replace the “T” afterwards.  The can was specially designed to withstand an unintended detonation and keep everyone on the range safe.  Please use it so that we don’t find live rounds lying around on the ground anymore.




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Events Have Been Posted

Events for the 2016 Walden Sportsmen’s Club have now been posted.

Click the link;  Events Overview

Each event listed is a link that will take you to the specific event web page.

Please support the club whenever you can.  We would like to see increased turnouts for these events.  The chairpersons put in a lot of time and work to make them successful and fun.  Your participation is important.


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Pavilion Dedicated

A short ceremony was held just before the member meeting on 10/8/2015 to dedicate the pavilion.

The pavilion has been named “The Duane Prackelt Pavilion” to honor Duane’s memory.

Duane was very active in the club and held several responsible positions.  He is greatly missed.

Steve Bardin, a close friend of Duane’s, was there to give some personal insight and remember some of Duane’s many accomplishments.

Duane’s family was in attendance and expressed their deep appreciation for the club’s recognition of Duane’s life and passion.

The plaque will be hung as soon as possible and the pavilion will stand for future generations of club members as a testament to Duane.

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The Duane Prackelt Memorial Cowboys/Cowgirls & Indian Shoot

The Duane Prackelt Memorial Cowboys/Cowgirls and Indian Shoot was held on Saturday July 11.  This was the second date for this event and was well attended.  For the first time in anyone’s memory, the Cowboys/Cowgirls won!  Duane would have been disappointed that his Indians were defeated but for him it was always more important that everyone have a good time.  Duane, thanks for your example, we are trying to live up to your expectations.  Below are pictures of all the happy faces of the participants.

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Work Party Successful! 6/27/2015

Many thanks go out to the 15 brave souls that came out on Saturday to help bring to fruition one of our President’s dreams.

President, Ray Roccisano had the forethought and insight to realize the need for better safety controls and aesthetics for both the trap range and rifle/pistol range.  Our esteemed chairman of the Building and Grounds Committee, Charlie Whitehouse,  led our small contingent with his careful guidance  and skill.  He oversaw the completion of that goal all the while doing much of the actual work as well.  The pictures below are a testament to the hard work and dedication that went into the construction of a fence, the repair of some of our grounds equipment, staining of the outbuildings and a substantial amount of lawn maintenance.  The work was hard but anyone can tell from the smiles on the workers’ faces that working together as a group for the common good of the club can be very enjoyable.  We had a good time and improved the looks and safety of the club.  A great heartfelt THANKS goes out to each and every one of the workers!

The Workers:

Charlie Whitehouse


Dan Bogart

Scott Crabtree

Don Foody

Robert Kennedy

William MacEwan

Phil Martin

Bill Mayhew

Jim Meineker

Jim Newman

Ernie Patrick

Ray Roccisano

Barry Sussman

A special apology to Frank and Frank, Jr. who were there working very hard.  I am sorry I don’t know your last name.  I will correct this list as soon as I can find out.




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Open Bolt Indicator – Trimmer Line

Since the Range Committee instituted use of Open Bolt Indicators (Trimmer Line) at our range, several people have expressed some concern regarding proper usage and whether or not there is any possibility of the line melting or leaving residue in the barrel of a hot gun.  I took it upon myself to clear my mind of any preconceptions and honestly research the premise.  I started by verifying the material makeup of the trimmer line that we supplied.  The trimmer line in the tubes at the range is made of polypropylene.  Below you can view the MSDS sheet for polypropylene and also another sheet produced by the manufacturer, Dynalab Corp.  Note that the temperatures listed on the MSDS sheet refer to a flash point of 500 degrees Fahrenheit and self ignition temperature of 735 degrees Farenheit.  The melting point of polypropylene is listed on the Dynalab sheet as 338 degrees Fahrenheit.

Melting Point of Polypropylene Polypropylene MSDS

I also checked the entry for polypropylene on Wikipedia as shown below.

Wiki Polypropylene

I wondered what material is used in the manufacture of official open bolt indicators (OBI) and found that all the ones I could find are also made of polypropylene.  Here are some examples.

Amazon.com_ open bolt indicator

So at this point I now know how much heat the line will take without causing a problem.  Now I needed to know how hot the barrel of a gun gets.  I purchased a thermal imaging device which I could easily point at my barrel to get an accurate reading.  The device has an accuracy of +/- 1 degree Fahrenheit.  I set up my .30-06 rifle on the bench.  The chart below shows the time I began and ended firing a total of 50 rounds, mostly 3 rounds at a time.  I measured the barrel at two places.  I monitored the hottest place on the barrel which was generally about one-third of the way between the breech and the muzzle and I monitored the breech temperature.

Barrel Test Temps

Note here that the chart shows that the entire 50 rounds were fired in 24 minutes.  The temperatures shown do not at any time come anywhere near the melting point.  I decided I needed to see what it would take to melt the trimmer line.  I placed several pieces of the trimmer line in my oven.  I started by heating the oven  and trimmer line to 200 degrees Fahrenheit for 10 minutes then I checked the integrity of the lines.  After that I repeated the procedure for each 25 degree increase until I reached 400 degrees.  Even at that temperature, the line did not melt.

Now I started to wonder what about a semi-auto rifle.  I found the following chart on the internet that shows that firing in full-auto the temperature could actually exceed the melting point.  However, the chart after that shows that there is a real problem with that.  If one is able to bring the temperature up enough to melt the trimmer line, there is an extreme risk of cooking off a round.

barrel temps Cook Off Temp Test

Ultimately, the evidence clearly shows that the melting temperature of polypropylene is high enough that, under normal circumstances, there should never be a time which the barrel gets hot enough to cause the trimmer line to melt.  If, under extreme circumstances, the barrel does get hot enough to melt the trimmer line, there is a distinct possibility of cooking off ammunition which should be a far greater hazard than any residue from the trimmer line.

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Discount for Reloading Brass

Thanks to member Mike Gregorio, one of his sponsors, Brass Depot is running a special sale.  You can get a 30% discount off your order by using the code below.  Mike says this brass is top of the line and nothing needs to be done to it prior to loading.  Thanks, Mike!!brassdepotsale