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Action Pistol Match

Action Pistol Match


We would like to invite all members of the Walden Sportsmen’s Club to participate in the next Action Pistol Match.

The schedule for 2018 will be announced soon.



The course of fire (COF) can be reviewed in the attached PDF document.


What is required to participate in the match:

  • Eye and Ear Protection is MANDATORY for all shooters, spectators and officials. NO EXCEPTIONS!
  • Minimum 26 rounds of center fire ammunition (9mm or greater, steel core ammunition is not allowed)
  • An outside the waistband holster (no cross draw holsters) and belt mounted magazine pouches
  • Minimum of 3 magazines (magazines are not to exceed the NYS 10 round limit)


Depending on the number of shooters that attend, we hope to have each shooter run the COF at least twice. Three times, if time permits.


Cost of the event is $5.00 / shooter.  For more details about the event, please contact either one of our match directors:


Chairman:  Mike Gregorio – mgregorio023@gmail.com

Greg Raciti – graciti@verizon.net



If you wish to speak to them about the match, include your phone number in the email.




Action Pistol Rules

1. Eye and Ear Protection is MANDATORY for all shooters, spectators and officials at
the stage. NO EXCEPTIONS!

2. The stage will be run as a COLD RANGE
a. Shooter’s handguns will remain unloaded and holstered for the duration of
the match. Except under the direction and immediate supervision of a Range
Safety Officer.

b. A designated safety area will be assigned (NO HANDGUNS may be loaded in
the safety area or ammunition handled) Handguns may be handled in the
safe area for the purpose of repairing or holstering from the range bag.

3. Allowing the muzzle to break the 180° safety plane will result in the immediate
stoppage of the shooter by the Range Safety Officer.

4. Ammunition must be center fire ammunition (no armor piercing or steel core
ammunition is allowed).

5. An outside the waistband holster (no cross draw holsters) is mandatory along with
some type of belt mounted magazine pouch (will have one to loan out if needed). A
dump pouch will be acceptable, no ammunition or magazine in the shooters

6. Range Commands by Range Officer
a. “Shooter Make Ready” on this command the shooter will remove his/her
handgun from the holster and load his/her handgun, then re‐holster the
handgun. Single action pistols must have the safety on when holstered.
Double action pistols must be de‐cocked when holstered.
b. “Shooter Ready” on this command the Range Office is looking for a verbal
acknowledgement that they are ready to begin the course of fire.
c. “Stand By” on this command there will be a brief pause between 1‐3 seconds
before the start signal.
d. “Audible Timer BEEP” upon this sound, shooter may begin the course of fire
e. “If you are finished, unload and show clear” This command will be giving after
the shooter has fired their last shot. At this time the shooter will unload their
handgun and show the Range Officer an empty and clear handgun while
keeping the handgun pointed down range.
f. “Slide forward, hammer down” after this command the shooter will release
the slide and pull the trigger on the empty handgun (if shooter is using a
revolver, shooter will close empty cylinder).
g. “Holster” On this command the shooter will safely holster their handgun.

7. “Range is Clear” On this command the range is safe to proceed past the shooter /
firing line to begin scoring and resetting the stage.
8. Scoring of Stage ‐ Total Time of Stage + Penalties will equal finished time