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Work Party Successful! 6/27/2015

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Work Party Successful! 6/27/2015

Many thanks go out to the 15 brave souls that came out on Saturday to help bring to fruition one of our President’s dreams.

President, Ray Roccisano had the forethought and insight to realize the need for better safety controls and aesthetics for both the trap range and rifle/pistol range.  Our esteemed chairman of the Building and Grounds Committee, Charlie Whitehouse,  led our small contingent with his careful guidance  and skill.  He oversaw the completion of that goal all the while doing much of the actual work as well.  The pictures below are a testament to the hard work and dedication that went into the construction of a fence, the repair of some of our grounds equipment, staining of the outbuildings and a substantial amount of lawn maintenance.  The work was hard but anyone can tell from the smiles on the workers’ faces that working together as a group for the common good of the club can be very enjoyable.  We had a good time and improved the looks and safety of the club.  A great heartfelt THANKS goes out to each and every one of the workers!

The Workers:

Charlie Whitehouse


Dan Bogart

Scott Crabtree

Don Foody

Robert Kennedy

William MacEwan

Phil Martin

Bill Mayhew

Jim Meineker

Jim Newman

Ernie Patrick

Ray Roccisano

Barry Sussman

A special apology to Frank and Frank, Jr. who were there working very hard.  I am sorry I don’t know your last name.  I will correct this list as soon as I can find out.




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